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Join the biggest Bulgarian software holding, and work with professionals from all around the world. Although we have 25 years market presence we just start to grow-up and to deliver valuable products to the world.

At Sirma the most meaningful assets are our employees, that's why we offer career development in collaborative environment, where everyone gives you the support you need. The support to develop you both professionally and personally and then to change the world together.


your career.


Personal growth is one of the driving factors behind our team success. We make sure our team members are getting the experience and skills required to further their careers and reach their full potential. We invest in the individuals.


With our ever-growing regional presence and foreign projects, our teams have the opportunity to work in new and exciting locations, gain experience from the best professionals in the field and to explore different cultures all over the world.

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We know that great things and products are never done by one person, they are done by great teams and we understand the importance of collaboration. We create a culture based around friendship and teamwork, and that is our key for success.

Career development


Our success as a global leader depends on our ability to seek out talent and then encourage and develop it. We support our people by offering educations, trainings, flexible schedules, opportunities abroad and an approach to motivate our employees by realizing their business ideas.

Sirma TraineeLab

Our program for Trainees is very suitable for 3rd to 4th year undergraduate students in Computer Science, Mathematics and Informatics or other relevant subjects. This is an excellent career opportunity for students that are at the beginning of their career development. We provide them with all needed trainings and time to become good experts in the field.

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The next level in our career development program is for experts. These are people from our trainee program or people with already gained professional experience, but who still need guidance and expertise from a senior colleague. So-called Junior Specialists and Middle Level Specialists.


The team of professionals includes all senior employees - next level experts, team leaders, project managers, etc. According to the statistics, many of our C level employees have started their career in the company as trainees. These are people with proven experience and skills in the company, for which the personal development and prosperity of the company are part of their everyday life.

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