Academy Season 2

Programming training for anyone who wants a new career and profession.

The successful Season 1 of Sirma Academy has brought new additions to our already excellent squad.
If you are looking for a new opportunity where you can develop your potential in the world of programming,
sign up for Season 2 of Sirma Academy and show off to the world your hidden talents.
Become part of a four-month training course in the most popular programming languages!

Is this course for me?

    • If you have a university degree and you are working in a different field, but want a career change;
    • If you have analytical thinking;
    • If you like to solve problems and create something out of nothing;
    • If you live in a small town or in the countryside and can work from home;
    • If you have no previous experience with programming languages, but you have an interest and desire for development in the field of technology;

If yes, this course is for you!

In Bulgaria we have many examples of very successful programmers who started in another profession, but then discovered their passion for programming.

Sirma Academy offers a four-month challenge!

What do I need?

To start the program you need to have a computer, headphones with a microphone, a camera and a stable internet connection. We require basic computer literacy.

You are expected to attend and be active in online lectures, but also to spend sufficient time doing the exercises you will receive for homework.
No pain, no gain ;)

Is a functional level of English mandatory?

Yes, a working level of English is mandatory.

All the lectures are in Bulgarian, but most of the online materials are in English.

The daily communication within the company for all projects is also in English.

Who are the lecturers?

Alex Vasilev is a front-end developer at Sirma, widely experienced in teaching and mentoring our junior colleagues. He has been teaching JavaScript and React courses since 2020.

Alex Ivanov is a Doctor of Informatics and Computer Science. He has been teaching various programming courses in high school and university since 2017.

How do I sign up?


Here is a brief outline of the application process:

  • Apply with your CV using the button below
  • After initial approval a human resource specialist will call you back
  • A member of the technical team will assess you and assist you in choosing a programming language - JavaScript or Java
  • Final approval and start in the academy

Educational process

Start of the training - January 2023
2 groups of 15 people: Java and JavaScript
3 lectures per week - after working hours
40 lectures in total
End of the training - April 2023

The lectures will be on Zoom, with cameras switched on.
You will have regular homework after almost every lecture.
The lecturer will be available for guidance and dealing with any questions you may have.
Final project development.
Certificate upon successful completion

Knowledge base

By the end of the training you will have the necessary knowledge to start working as a Junior Software Developer, with Java or JavaScript.

At our Academy, we focus more on practical tasks and less on theory. You will also learn how to use the necessary tools, how to check the code quality and to look for errors.

You will have the opportunity to learn from your mentor when you have questions, or when you are not sure how to approach the task. Successful interaction is extremely important for your success.


The course is free for all approved candidates.

If you successfully pass your final project and receive a certificate, Sirma will offer you the opportunity to join the company.

Apply now!
We are waiting for your CV!
There's a lot going on at Sirma!
We're looking forward to meeting our next colleague :)

Expect us in the summer with Season 3