We are not looking for the best, we are looking for you, we will make you the best!


Are you keen on new technologies, mobile apps or software products? Are you the tech guru to whom your family turns when gadgets go wrong? Are you bored of playing with the remote controls and want to know what Model–view–controller is, then Sirma TraineeLab is the right place for you!

Join our program and build your career as a software developer with us.

Your brilliant work starts here with us

Join our paid TraineeLab program, created not only to seek out IT talents but also to encourage and develop them.

Benefit from our experienced mentors, who will help you take on challenging workloads with access to training videos, live sessions with experts, access to valuable insights, and training on real-world projects.

Start your software development skills today

Explore sessions, hosted by technical experts covering software bases, accelerated computing; computer vision; cybersecurity; digital twins; fraud detection; AI and more. Enjoy our interactive approach and ask questions of your mentors or co-workers whenever you need. Remember, that here you are surrounded by peers.


Sirma TraineeLab is
divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1.

Welcome week

The program starts with a welcoming week when our HRs and Happiness Manager will take care of you, and introduce you to the other trainees. They will provide you with office facility orientation as well as pointing out the nearest eating spots and they will also give you all the needed equipment for seamless training (laptop, extra monitors, headphones, etc).

Thereafter comes your first task, when you have to prepare your workstation by setting up your local environment. Don’t worry, you will not be alone in that.

This introductory period will provide you with an overview of Sirma’s organizational structure, services, products, clients and software development approach and prepare you to become a member of our delivery teams.

Phase 2.

The power of practising - 6 m

Although you will be a trainee you will be practising on real projects. You will have some small tasks such as, developing simple features or bug fixing, and the opportunity to work on world-class projects side by side with some of our senior software developers.

We will give you access to selected video tutorials, which will help you to cope with your tasks. You have to watch carefully, take notes, carry out your own research, and then discuss them with your mentors.

Phase 3.

Real-life business - Junior Dev - 2 y

By this stage you will be working within a team, with responsibility for your tasks, expected to work to deadlines, and to be a productive member of the team. You will also participate in meeting with clients. You will understand how projects evolve and how to work out solutions to the problems. When working on real-world projects, you will execute code reviews, fix bugs and deal with small issues before they become large problems.

You will have an evaluation process every 6 months, and If you are performing well you will have the possibility of moving forward as a Mid-level developer.

Phase 4.

Regular/Mid-level Developer

After successfully completing of the program you will have the following knowledge and abilities:

  • Solid track record in software projects;
  • Experience in different Git workflows;
  • Follow Clean code principles for easy code management
  • Extensive knowledge in Data structures and algorithms.
  • Deep understanding of fundamental programming principles, design patterns, test-driven development.
  • Understanding the concepts of Scrum, Kanban, Extreme programming, pair programming.
  • Understanding of Security issues and ways of dealing with them.
  • Ability to understand performance issues and optimize code.
  • Ability to perform several tasks for several projects during the day.
  • Ability to break major tasks down into smaller sub-tasks.
  • Ability to mentor junior developers, part of the team.

Being a valuable team member you can proceed on your career path by either staying in the company as a mid-level developer, growing to a senior, expert, architect or team lead, and thus building your career with us, or you can choose to take your own way.


If you are a 3rd to 4th-year undergraduate student in Computer Science, Mathematics and Informatics, or other relevant subjects, this is an excellent career opportunity for you! We will provide you with all needed training- and time to become a good expert in this field.

Yes, you need a good understanding of code and algorithms as well as strong analytical skills, also a basic knowledge of at least one programming language.

Yes, we offer a competitive monthly remuneration.

Please check back soon.

You can choose your areas of expertise between frontend JavaScript, backend Java or full-stack (Java and JavaScript)

Frontend Frameworks - React, Angular or Vue.js

Backend Frameworks - Spring.

Of course, you are part of the company and you will be considered as a valuable team member. So you can enjoy all Sirma’s offered additional benefits, such as a MultiSport card, Additional Health Insurance, Access to weekly company events, team building, English classes at the office, your own desk in our fancy office, and the opportunity of working with a great team, and many more.