Success Stories


Jaklin Basheva, Junior Mobile Developer at Sirma Solutions

During Women’s Month, we are giving the spotlight to a few remarkable women from the Sirma team, as they share their professional stories and journeys in the tech world.

Jaklin Basheva is a Junior Mobile Developer at Sirma, driven by her passion for problem-solving and hands-on experience. In her interview, she shares insights into her career journey, daily challenges, and the ever-evolving tech industry that inspires her professional and personal growth.

What inspired you to become part of the tech industry?

Ever since I was a kid, the process of creating and building has given me immense satisfaction. This passion of mine was the reason I turned to technology, where I found the perfect intersection between my innate need to solve problems and the desire to create useful solutions. The opportunity to contribute, build, and be challenged is something that continues to excite and motivate me every day.

Tell us about your career path and how you got to your current position at Sirma?

My career path started as a student at Technical University - Sofia, where I graduated in Computer and Software Engineering. Alongside my studies, I had the opportunity to work, which brought me valuable experience and practical skills in the field. After completing my Bachelor’s degree, I decided to continue my education and started a Master’s degree at the same university, in the meantime, I also joined Sirma. This choice was a result of seeking challenges and opportunities for growth. Working here has provided me with exactly that and I am thrilled to be part of this team where I can participate in interesting projects and develop different skills.

Tell us about a typical working day for you; the projects you work on; the challenges you face.

It’s hard to define a workday for me because everyone is different. Usually, it starts with a team meeting and a brief overview of the tasks and priorities for the day. As a mobile app developer, I face different tasks and problems daily, both in new and existing projects, effectively helping to ensure their successful implementation and future smooth operation. The challenges also vary. From solving technical problems to finding effective solutions for user requirements, I face new challenges every day.

What are your main sources of inspiration and how do they help you in your professional development?

The excitement of being part of this dynamic and ever-evolving industry has been a powerful driver for my career path. Every successful problem solved and every project completed gives me strength and confidence by fueling my motivation. The people around me - colleagues, mentors, and clients - are also an invaluable source of inspiration. Their support and feedback give me the strength to keep going and spur me on to strive for higher achievements.

How do you think different perspectives (female/male) contribute to the development of technological innovation?

Different perspectives are essential to the development of not only the tech industry but any industry in general. The myth that programming is a “male” profession has long been an outdated cliché. Women have found their place in the IT sector and have become an integral part of it. I like Melinda Gates’ quote - “The supreme goal for humanity is not equality but connection.” I also believe that we should not focus on the idea of equality, but rather focus on using our differences as an advantage. Diversity in our perspectives and experiences is the key to a richer and more creative process.

What advice would you give to aspiring female professionals just entering the tech industry?

My advice to everyone entering the IT industry is to be confident in their skills, be curious, and seek mentorship and support from their peers. To not be afraid to ask questions and engage in training that will prepare them for the challenges ahead.