Success Stories


Yoana Atanasova / Employer Branding & Communication Lead, Sirma Solutions

Yoana is the person responsible for positioning Sirma as a preferable employer in the local market. She maintains the company’s public image among our target audience via different media channels, career events, student forums, partnerships, etc.

What are the main products, and services of Sirma?

At Sirma, we create high-tech innovative solutions, services, and products in some of the most dynamic strategic verticals: the financial sector, healthcare and life sciences, logistics and transportation, hospitality and e-commerce, packaging, and cultural heritage. The holding’s main horizontal specializations are in artificial intelligence and knowledge management, IT consulting, and systems integration.

Some of the solutions we are working on in the financial sector include the development of an artificial intelligence chatbot for next-generation conversations, modernization and digitization of core banking systems, implementation of no-code digitization systems in the insurance sector, smart wallets and solutions based on open banking, integration services related to invisible banking, etc. Sirma is among the global leaders in software development for diabetes and chronic conditions management, remote patient monitoring, digital health record keeping, and the fight against antibiotic resistance. We can also boldly boast of our achievements in the automotive sector, where we develop software for driving electric cars, sophisticated analytics systems that help sell cars, and more.

Where does the company have offices around the world? How many offices are there in Bulgaria?

Sirma maintains offices in the USA, Brazil, the UK, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, and recently Sweden. One of our strategies for the next year is to open offices in Germany and Spain. In Bulgaria, we have four office locations that include Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Ruse.

What career opportunities does Sirma Solutions offer for young people?

At Sirma, we believe that investing in young talent is a crucial step in the development of our industry. This is the reason why the company has developed innovative practices that include our paid internship program Sirma Trainee Lab, which we use to further develop the potential of employees with little experience in the field. The program is suitable for students without any practical experience but with theoretical knowledge of the relevant programming language (Java, JavaScript, or C#).

In addition, we are developing our own IT training academy - Sirma Academy, designed for people without any experience but with a desire for career reorientation. Our only expectations from the applicants are that they have a good knowledge of English and a responsible attitude toward the process. The academy is divided into two educational paths: Java and JavaScript, where experienced professionals work with the participants for several hours, three times a week, over the course of three months. At the end of both programs, participants receive a final assignment, which they must successfully complete based on the theoretical and practical experience they have gained. Based on the initial attestation and performance during the course, we offer the opportunity to join our company.

What are the parameters of mentoring in the learning process?

The mentoring process is strictly individual and based on trust and mutual respect. As we recognize this we strive to guide and support everyone through the approach they need, encouraging honest and open communication.

In our practice, the mentor is the person who guides the employee even after completing the training. They are those who give advice on different approaches to work-related cases, share their experience, answer and explain side technological questions, etc.

In addition, each team has a team leader/project manager who is responsible for the trainee’s career development. They have an active role during every attestation, they continue monitoring the progress of the employee and they also contribute to the overall motivation and productivity of the team.

What are the main technologies used in the company?

At Sirma, we are not limited to a specific technology, but we are flexible and choose the technology stack that allows us to implement a project in the most appropriate way. We strive to integrate the latest technologies and stay up to date with the latest innovations and advancements in software engineering, while we continue to specialize in the established ones such as the Java and .NET ecosystems, JavaScript, Python, etc.

What benefits does Sirma provide as additional benefits to its employees and what makes it an employer of choice?

The most important benefit for our employees is being part of our family. For 31 years at Sirma, we have been one big family that makes sure everyone feels good at work, integrated into the team, and fond of the company.

We realize how dynamic is the field we work in, so we give our employees a variety of opportunities for personal development. For example, the change of the project is a practice we always apply when someone needs a change. Also, our employees can always work from our offices around the country or simply from their homes, if they desire a change of working environment. Despite the ability to work from home our offices are always full. This is due to the great company culture that we have, which is enhanced by the daily initiatives of our Happiness Manager. She makes sure we are never bored with themed parties every week, delicious breakfasts and lunches, team-building initiatives, and socially responsible activities.

Of course, our employees are entitled to 25 days paid vacation, additional health and dental insurance, a “Multisport” card, and many more benefits.