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Sirma Academy Season 4 - 2024

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Sirma Academy Season 4
Empowering Minds, Elevating Futures.

If you are looking for a new opportunity where you can develop your potential in the world of programming,
sign up for Sirma Academy and show off to the world your hidden talents.

About Sirma Academy

Sirma Academy stands as an award-winning educational program, that aims to solve the urgent and expanding demand for skilled professionals in the Information Technology sector.
At Sirma Academy you'll gain skills in writing high-quality code, utilizing essential development tools, and troubleshooting for errors.
Focus on the “why's” rather than the “how's” in software engineering. Understand the technology you are using, do not rely on templates or other tools

Sirma Academy Entry Course

Start your educational journey by enrolling in our Entry Course, where you have the freedom to choose your preferred technology path: Java for Back-End Development or JavaScript for Front-End Development.
In the Entry Course you will learn the essential concepts in programming and improve your algorithmic thinking and problem-solving skills through practical tasks.

  • Start of the training: May 13th 2024
  • Lessons: 12, three times a week
  • Lectures are conducted online at 14:00
  • Exercises are conducted online at 18:00
  • All lesson videos are uploaded daily

Key Requirements

  • Commitment to Learning
  • Problem-Solving Attitude
  • Logical and Algorithmic Thinking
  • Essential Computer Literacy

Entry Exam

After the Academy Entry Course you can choose to take the Entry Exam if you are still eager to continue your education. The exam will test your problem-solving abilities and essential programming skills, your algorithmic and creative thinking by tasking you to solve several problems. Upon successful completing, you are ready to continue your learning experience in the Sirma Academy Program.

  • Exam date - June 9th 2024
  • Exam Fee - 50 BGN



Ivaylo Papazov
Ivaylo Papazov is a Team Lead Software Engineer at FEIA Bulgaria, Founder & Consultant at My Ideas, and has more than 10 years of experience with various JavaScript technologies such as Node.js, React, and more.
Passionate about JavaScript and Front-End development, he finds joy in sharing his knowledge and assisting others in their learning journey. For the last 6 years as a lecturer Ivaylo successfully empowers his students to excel and become proficient programmers.


Alen Paunov
Alen Paunov has more than 12 years of experience as a teacher and a lecturer in various disciplines and organizations. After 6 years of working in the field of legal services, he decided to devote himself to software engineering. Head of training in a number of academies and organizations.
His teaching philosophy centers on the 'how' and 'why' behind each concept, encouraging a deeper understanding and practical application of knowledge.

Sirma Academy Professional Program

Learn the foundations of the technology you are eager to explore.
After successfully passing the Entry Exam you can continue your foundation learning in Back-End or Front-End technologies.

  • Start of the training - June 13th 2024
  • Lessons: 24
  • Lectures are conducted online at 14:00
  • Exercises are conducted online at 18:00
  • All lesson videos are uploaded daily

Project Defense

At the end of the Academy Program you can choose to take the final project assignment to assess you knowledge and skills.
After successfully developing your solution you can take the technical interview

  • Project Deadline: September 8th 2024
  • Technical Interview: Sep 9th - Sep 30th
  • Interview Duration: 60 min
  • Exam Fee: 240 BGN

Application process

  • Enroll: Start by enrolling for the Academy Entry Course.
  • Learn: Engage with our educational resources and expert lecturers.
  • Assessment: Take the exams to validate your knowledge and advance through the Academy curriculum.
  • Project Defense: Defend your final assignment and take the live technical interview, to gain practical experience.
  • Graduation: Receive your Certificate and celebrate your success.
  • Post-graduation: Receive support to kickstart your career in IT.

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Who we are?

  • Sustainable company
  • Innovative in ideas
  • Reliable in solutions
  • Modern in approach
  • Authentic in culture

What we offer?

  • Social benefits
  • Opportunity for career development
  • Latest technologies to work with
  • Unique Work Atmosphere
  • Travel around the clock
  • International Experience
  • Opportunity for flexible working hours
  • New ideas realization
  • Sport events and team buildings
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