Success Stories


Mihaela Zdravkova / Happiness Manager, Sirma Solutions

Mihaela joined Sirma’s team a couple months ago and since then the atmosphere at the office is completely different, in a very positive way. Why Sirma decided to invest in a Happiness Manager, what is the position about, and why we choose Mihaela, you will get the answers by reading the next lines.

What were your first thoughts when you saw the announcement posted by Sirma about the job position - Happiness Manager?

When I first saw the job announcement, it stood out from the others, because of the curious headline and at that point, I said to myself: „this is something different and interesting”. I pictured myself as a Happiness Manager. I started to imagine different scenarios of what I should do, how should I do it and out of the blue, my CV was sent. I had no doubts that this is my dream job. Although I had 3 interviews, it is still difficult for me to understand clearly what the position is about. Happiness Manager is a mystery until you face it and that is the interesting part.

What personal qualities do you think have helped you to get this job?

As a Happiness Manager, you should be satisfied with your life and of course to be happy. At first place the position is an „emotion” and the main thing is to be very perceptive, emotionally intelligent and behave naturally. The person has to be sincere in the job because only then you can show your full potential. When you are open-minded, people trust you. I think it is important to be creative, adaptable and always to have plan B or even C. In my opinion, there are two qualities that have to be underlined – to have genuine empathy and social skills. I don‘t mean virtual sociality but exactly the opposite. The person should prefer live contact and communication. I believe that this is the way to feel the person. Empathy is a quality that everybody has but not everybody develops. In order to understand people, you need first to show sincere interest in them.

I think, the most complicated thing is the relationships between people. I feel it is easier to go to Italy, instead of coming round to your neighbor for a cup of coffee.

Do you think that happiness is contagious and do you define yourself as a happy person?

I don‘t know if happiness is contagious but I am sure that happiness is a state of mind. Only you are responsible for your own happiness and you have to decide if you will let it to „infect” you or you will wait for it without doing anything. Happiness doesn‘t come by itself, it is something that has to be built. You have to work for the momentary happiness and in time this will become your constant state. And Yes! I think that I’m a happy person and a great optimist. Usually I try to believe in 3 impossible things a week, and actually one and a half become true.

What makes people happy at their workplace?

Involvement in different social company activities but outside of the professional field. Thus, they can find soulmates, likeminded people, new friends, etc. It is very important to feel that you are part of the community and to know that this community supports you.

What is your vision for the happiness of the people in Sirma?

I would like to keep the work environment-friendly, and to involve everybody in, especially the new employees because as we all know, every beginning is hard but when you are in a happy and friendly environment it is much easier to get used to the place. My goal is everybody to have the opportunity to express their desires for development in different fields because as a tech company we need people with ideas and dreams. I wish everybody to feel happy with themselves and their achievements. I would like to organize different social activities, so our people can participate in various challenges, for instance, to learn new languages, to develop sports skills, to participate in different tournaments, also to organize trips, seminars, free classes for different skills, charity events, team buildings and more social benefits. The main idea of all these activities is to create friendly communication and atmosphere between all offices across the country. My long-term goal is to offer something cool every day, so that way everybody can find yourself. I would like the happiness to predominate in our building, and to see more smiling faces, with a will to work and to feel the company as their second family where they can not only develop and receive salary but to grow up with the company and to become better every day.

Why is important for the company to have a Happiness Manager?

When we hear the word „work” we associate it with something that we are obliged to do, grey and often monotonous. We spend 8 hours a day in our work place and that is a big part of our lives. That is why we have to pay attention to the emotions and the experiences of the people in this daily process. When an employee is satisfied, he is motivated, creative and with a wish to develop. When an employee feels appreciated and part of the company, he is full of energy and feels capable to do miracles. That is the missing part nowadays – energetic people who want to change the world.

Having a Happiness Manager, the company gains loyalty and positive association, good image, clear feedback for the employees, organized initiatives. Happiness Manager is proof that the company does not see their employees as „walking assets” but is interested in their emotions and how they feel at work.

Tell us more about your recent initiatives.

In November we started a charity campaign – „Magicians for a month” – the idea was each one of us to be a magician and to help to disadvantaged people.

Sirma Group has always been ahead and that is why we decided to have a traditional “Black Friday”, but as it was a day earlier, we called it „Black Thursday with White Magic”. The idea was each of us to sell something and to donate the money. Also, we had Jenga tournament and Canadian fight with winter gloves, where we bitted for our colleagues, again with donation purpose.

The biggest success was our charity lunch in which many colleagues participated. Everybody brought homemade food and we all had to pay a small fee.

Meantime we had our team building in Bansko and I would say that we enjoyed in all types of social activities. From 330 people, 250 participated.

Our Christmas campaign „Magicians for a month” finished with collected 4 600 leva for a very short time. The end of the working year, we celebrated with Christmas party, gifts, lucky charms, warm emotions in the office and well deserved 10-day Christmas holiday.

2019 started with a brunch party at the office and the beginning of another campaign “Sirma Winter Adventure”, which is full of winter activities. We had ice-skating in Sofia, a day in Borovets for skiing and snowboarding. It was a great day, full of good emotions. Some of our colleagues took ski and snowboard classes, the other just hit the slopes. We had special classes for children as well.

On February, we had a great party for St. Valentine and St. Trifon Zarezan and celebrated our friendship and love. We wrote anonymous ironic Valentines cards for our colleagues and we had a beer pong tournament with special price.

For the next months, there are coming more projects and happy moments.