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If you are looking for a new opportunity where you can develop your potential in the world of programming,
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About Sirma Academy

There are many examples of very successful programmers who started in another profession, but then discovered their passion for programming.

At Sirma Academy, we strike a balance between theory and practical tasks, as we recognize the importance of both. During the education you will learn how to write quality code, how to use the necessary development tools and to look for errors.

And as we know that new beginnings could be difficult sometimes you are always welcome to approach your mentor when you have a question or you are not sure how to proceed with a task. Effective interactions are important for your success.

Is Sirma Academy for me?

  • If you have analytical thinking and like to solve problems
  • If you have no previous experience with programming, but you are eager to develop a career in tech
  • If you have a university degree and you are working in a different field, but want a career change
  • If you have good knowledge of English

If yes, Sirma Academy is for you!

Educational paths

You can choose between two courses:

  • Front-End development with JavaScript & React

    You will learn how to create web applications - manipulate and control web page elements, handle events, communicate with back-end services, and create reusable UI components.

  • Back-End development with Java & Spring

    One of the most popular programming languages in the world. Learning Java, combined with the powerful Spring framework, will help you create RESTful APIs, manage databases, handle application logic and develop back-end systems.

Academy Details


  • Start of the training - September 4th 2023
  • Lectures are conducted online at 18:30
  • End of the training - December 15th 2023

You will have regular homework after every lecture and will receive certificate upon successful completion.


There are 3 mandatory exams during the training program. They serve as an essential prerequisite for further progress with the Academy:

  • Foundation Exam: 30.09.2023
  • OOP Exam: 28.10.2023
  • Final Exam: 17.12.2023


Alex Vasilev is a front-end developer at Sirma, widely experienced in teaching and mentoring our junior colleagues. He has been teaching JavaScript and React courses since 2020.

Alen Paunov has more than 11 years of experience as a teacher and a lecturer in various disciplines and organizations. After 5 years of working in the field of legal services, he decided to devote himself to software engineering. Head of training in a number of academies and organizations.

Application process

Sirma Academy is free for all approved candidates. If you successfully pass your final project and receive a certificate, we will offer you the opportunity to join our company.

Here is a brief outline of the application process:

  • Apply with your CV using the button below
  • After initial approval a human resource specialist will call you back
  • Final approval and start in the academy

Expect Season 4 in the winter.

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