Success Stories


Ilian Yankulov / Project Manager, Sirma Solutions

Ilian has been part of our Sirma Solutions team since 2016. Passionate traveler, responsible Project Manager of a few largescale projects, food lover, a big fan of Revolut and а very charming buddy with the most sneaky smile. Meet Ilian, who can always make you smile with funny stories or just give you advice about new mobile apps or cheap airplane tickets.

How many years have you been at Sirma for and what is your role?

I started working for Sirma 3 years ago, after spending 2 years working remotely for a Danish company. I was hired as a Project Manager and my position hasn’t changed, but there is a difference in the scale of the projects.

How did you know that Sirma is the right place for you?

There was no specific moment of awareness, but after spending so much time working from home, coming here made me feel quite comfortable even from the first working day. Maybe that was the moment when I subconsciously realized that Sirma is my place, and up until now, Sirma is the place I have stayed for the longest time :)

What part of your job you like most?

I love new things, so the most enjoyable part of my job is starting new projects: this is the time when new teams are formed, we meet new clients/partners, we get to know new business models, etc.

I also like the fact that I work with young, motivated and extremely intelligent people, and it is very easy to work with such people. Everyone in the team is committed to what they do and it always affects the end result when both the client and the entire team are satisfied with the work done.

What is your advice to the novices in the team?

I would advise them not to be afraid of new and unknown horizons; to approach their tasks with the idea that anything is possible, and not find comfort in waiting/postponing tasks.

What do you think are your personal qualities, which helped you get here?

I’m not quite sure - maybe I’m responsible and that I easily adapt to different ways and tempo of work (according to the projects and clients we have). I always try to do my best and to make considered decisions without giving in to emotions. I respect the great work of each of my colleagues and I try to show it to them.

Describe Sirma as a person or an animal, what qualities does it have and how it attracts you?

When I started working for the company I read the legend of a female warrior named Sirma - brave, smart and a leader :)

Did you find friends in the company?

Yes, fortunately in Sirma I have met many fun and intelligent people who I enjoy spending time with even on weekends. We often travel to different places, spend weekends in the countryside, or just drink beer after work.

Your favorite recreation during your free time?

I love traveling. I always try to make a quick trip to a new or already visited but a favorite spot. I often go back to some destinations just because of my friends. Previously I used to travel alone very often, as when you travel alone you can see everything under your own prism and have time to fully enjoy the things you like. But definitely traveling with friends also brings unforgettable stories and memories. The other thing I enjoy is taking photos and spending time with my family and friends. I also have a blog, but unfortunately, I don’t manage to update it regularly.

Visit Iliyan’s blog here.

Your proudest personal contribution to something or someone.

I am trying to contribute to the promotion of Sofia as a destination for a city break on weekends, through various channels.

3 words that describe you best.

Responsible, seeker, principled person

What is the most interesting place you’ve visited?

I find each new place interesting. Perhaps Iceland and Nepal have impressed me the most so far: Iceland because of its natural resources - geysers, nature, northern lights; Nepal with its cultural heritage, people and customs. I left Nepal 3 days before the big earthquake in 2015 and it was very strange to go over the pictures on my phone while on the News they were showing the same places, but destroyed.

3 things your colleagues don’t know about you?

  • I’m almost always hungry
  • Saturdays are my favorite thing
  • I’m a super big fan of Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake

If you are a happiness manager, what would you do for your team?

I would forbid access to the office for at least one day of the week because I think working from home or a favorite neighborhood café can provoke a lot of creativity and motivation. :)

What is Sirma for you in 3 words?

Apart from my workplace, Sirma is also the place where, during the work process, I face challenges and people who help me to acquire new knowledge, to work with new technologies, to develop myself.