Success Stories


Borislav Banchev / Team Leader, Sirma Solutions

Bobi has been part of our Sirma team based in Ruse since 2009. He is one of our best examples for career growth in the company – from a Тrainee, to Team Leader, to Integration Consultant in Financial Institutions. Besides his career development, he is a prospective university lecturer in OOP (Java, C++) field. All these professional commitments didn’t stop him from obtaining a Ph.D. in Computer Science. During his free time, Bobi loves to drive fast cars, go to the gym, travel around the world and collect spectacular photographs.

For how many years have you been at Sirma, and what was your starting position?

I feel it like it was yesterday since every day was fun and full of new experiences and when you love the things you do, the time goes by. However, the reality is more than 11 years already and to be honest, the best 11 professional years I could dream of. I ‘ve started as an intern, then junior QA, I followed my passion and did my best to transfer to the development team and so the journey began.

How did you know that Sirma will be your place for career development?

It all started at the university where I met a few people that were already working in Sirma. I needed to absorb more, and I knew that Sirma also had a culture of passionate developers, that always strive to do the best code and the smartest solutions. On the other hand, working in a medium-large company size is the best opportunity to grow up as an expert – you still have the personal treatment but a lot of people to learn from.

What kind of projects are part of your portfolio?

From small applications up to large scale banking integrations, and from greenfield projects to existing legacy systems being in production for years. I had the opportunity to be part of the entire SDLC. Through the years, we had projects for the Bulgarian Government, US organizations, other national and international projects, private companies, and many more. And of course, my most recent experience includes projects related to the Bank and Insurance sector, where I operated as an Integration Consultant and Architect.

When do you work on a project outside BG, how the things happen?

The most appealing part is that you have a chance to meet new people, new professionals, and to expand your views. I had the chance to see a lot of countries, cultures, teams and different software systems. To be а consultant involves a lot of meetings, correspondence, discussions, and trainings. You must make the client confident that the implementation has to be executed and it is the right thing to do and this is the right way to do it.

What is the most interesting project you have worked?

All of them are interesting in their way; however, among them, the Sirma Enterprise Platform is my favorite. I grew up as professionals in this project. I participated in the project from the initial creation to its adoption in many institutions, such as Conservation Space in National Gallery Washington, administrative e-Services in many Bulgarian Municipalities, a largescale project with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, etc.

What is the latest innovative technology you have learned and used in your work?

In the last couple of years, I was busy with the emerge of AI, Microservice, Cloud and DevOps technologies, and this refresh and enrich my expertise. I had to learn and even become an expert in quite a lot technologies and frameworks such as PaaS, automation, etc.

What is the farthest destination you have been on a business trip, and can you share something interesting for their work attitude or daily routines?

That was Toronto, Canada and I really enjoyed the time over there even if it was just for two weeks. The city itself is one of the best I have been to, with a multicultural environment and people from all around America, Asia, Africa, Europe. At the office, the environment wasn’t so different. Back then it happened to be the Fifa world cup, so we had a big screen where we sit together and chat about many things and did support our teammate’s national teams. On the other hand, I spent most of my time abroad in Ireland and would stay the Irish people are very helpful, they really enjoy life and love to chat.

What personal qualities/abilities should have a programmer to be successful?

I would say it is a combination and depends on the area of work, however in general: ingenuity, passion, persistence, productivity and attitude.

What part of your job do you enjoy most?

Finding the right solution for the case – either the best performant, the fastest, or with the shortest development/integration cycle. The software development is kind of art, and you are the artist.

What motivates you?

I really love what I do, so it is just part of me. And it is good to know that something you worked on is used for many years by many people. To grow up and to expand my limits, that is my adrenaline.

Three things that your colleagues don’t know about you?

We are so long together it is hard to say but let me try my best: actually, I did want to study astrophysics; I don’t like heights in buildings; I miss them and our work together (when I’m on a business trip for long time); And I would like to thank Yavor Djonev (Sirma’s Founder) and all my colleagues for the support and patience during my Ph.D.